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  From the above Mi Gente Special Commemorative - Selena An American Icon:

"She had such great charisma that when you stood and listened to her talk, she made you feel warm and fuzzy.  She had this kind of bubbly personality and spirit and we quickly became buds.  I felt I'd known her all my life."

- Keith Thomas (writer/producer 'I Could Fall In Love') 


To read the entire Keith Thomas article about Selena click here

Mi Gente Magazine website



  Selena graces the March cover of Latina, on the 10-year anniversary of her death. The magazine presents a special 10-page tribute feature, and exclusive reunion with the Quintanilla family, including never-before-seen photos and letters from Selena.

In the first interview in nearly a decade with the Quintanilla family, Latina exclusively learns:

*The love of Selena’s life, husband Chris Perez, speaks out for the first time about how he coped with her death: “I used to sleep with pictures of her, just snapshots of her without makeup, dusting - how I saw her. I used to carry a book of pictures around with me, just stacks of her.”

*Selena confided in her family the day before her death…she and Chris had plans to get pregnant. She had made a doctor’s appointment, having decided to remove a Norplant contraceptive device, in order to start a family of her own.

*Selena’s death has devastated the close-knit Mexican family -- her father, mother Marcella, and siblings (sister Suzette and brother A.B.) who were part of the band, Selena y Los Dinos. “It’s hard to get Suzette, me, my dad and my mom together even just to go eat because the first thing you notice is that one of us is missing,” confesses A.B.